Shane Ziegler

Owner of Barrier Island Fishing Charters Offers his 23 foot bay boat (Cut Mullet) up to six people inshore and nearshore fishing and a 27 foot Carolina Skiff (Marsh Mama) up to 16 people inshore fishing, crabbing, and family ecotours. He also offers a 49 passenger pontoon boat for ecotours, sunset cruises, and beachside cookouts to Capers Island. With Shane’s 20 years of experience as a fishing guide and an ecotour operator, clients not only have a great time catching fish but will learn about the marine life that inhabits the salt marsh as well. He especially enjoys working with kids ensuring they get plenty of attention in hopes they become lifetime fishers. He likes to have the kids help catch bait and pull a few crab traps during the trip. Whether you are an experienced angler or a first timer you will have a great trip with Shane.


Our Guides

Our guides are well experienced, patient, friendly, humble, and have a deep passion for what they do. We cater to those who want a relaxed fishing trip with plenty of action. Our guides take extra care with kids making sure they have the best experience possible. We especially love to watch first timers get hooked on fishing. No matter what your skill level, you are sure to have a blast.


Barrier Island Fishing Charters uses top of the line Shimano Rods and Reels.  The majority of the fishing is done with light tackle spinning reels but for some of the large species such as Bull Reds and Shark we use heavier spinning rods.  With Shimano’s technology, we are able to use gear that is strong enough for large sharks and reds but lightweight enough for a youngster to handle.

Our Fleet

Our 16 passenger Carolina Skiff the Marsh Mama is perfect for customized charters and set up for fishing, cast netting, crabbing and carrying kayaks. We also have our bay style fishing boat for up to 6 passengers, the Cut Mullet, perfect for inshore and nearshore fishing.

Marsh Mama

26 foot, 16 passenger Carolina Skiff

Cut Mullet

23 foot, 6 passenger bay style boat

Following is a generalization of what’s going on for fishing during the changing seasons:

January – February:

Redfish can be found in large schools. The trout bite has slowed but warm days can produce. Nearshore reefs for Black Sea Bass and Sheepshead is excellent.

March – April:

Large Redfish begin showing up in the inlets and nearshore reefs. Large schools of Redfish along the waterways and oyster banks. Large Sheephead on nearshore reefs. Whiting, Rays, and Smooth Dogfish Sharks caught in the inlets.

May – June:

Speckled Sea Trout schooled up on points in the salt marsh and inlets. Schools of Redfish in saltmarsh and inlets. Bonnethead and Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks become prolific. Many other species of sharks are entering the salt marsh. Flounder, Ladyfish, Black Drum, Bluefish, Croakers, Whiting, Rays, and others are inhabiting the salt marsh.

July – August:

Everything and Anything – great time for large sharks.


Redfish are gathering large schools. Black Drum and Sheepshead bite great. The Mullet Run goes on and the large sharks go in a feeding frenzy.


Everything is still around but fishing for Redfish is so productive that is what we mostly do. Large sharks are still around.

November – December:

Speckled Sea Trout in large schools hitting on artificial. Not uncommon to catch one every few casts if not every. Redfish bite is excellent as well.

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